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director and producers

something about the director and producers

The film “Sylvia” is the result of a strong collaboration between director and writer, Richard Prendergast, producer, Rachel Prendergast, and exec producer, Benjamin Hartley. Richard’s vision for the film, and his vast experience as a cinematographer, forged a strong visual and narrative story which was then made real by the driving force of a producer that is Rachel. Benjamin used his experience and contacts in the film industry to help guide the project as well as access resources through Buckhart Productions. Find out more about the team below.

Richard Prendergast


Rachel Prendergast


Benjamin Hartley

Executive Producer

interesting details from the set

Principle Photography

The main shoot took place in the early part of 2018. Due to the talents schedule, and availability of key crew members, the principle photography was initially delayed by 4 weeks. With a very tight shooting schedule, Sylvia was wrapped in May 2018, with a subsequent 5 pick-up days allocated for second unit work.


The actual events of the story took place in the US Mid West. Whilst Sylvia was never meant to be replicating the actual location of the true story, the flat and barren landscape of Norfolk imitated the mid-Western states really well. The location was key to creating a somewhat lonely and desolate place, and very much acts as another ‘character’ in the piece.


It was decided in the pre-production phase that the film would be shot in 8k, to maximise the impact of the landscape shots. As much of the film is about the car itself, it was key to have equipment that allowed us to capture the moving vehicle in a number of scenarios. SubMotion house an array of equipment perfect for such scenarios and their tracking vehicle, cable camera system and cinematic camera setups were the sole production source behind the production of Sylvia. Along with their trusted crew of talented professionals, SubMotion pulled all the stops out to produce this beautifully cinematic and technically sophisticated film.

Film Festivals

Follow our film festival submissions here

We have submitted to select international film festivals through 2018 and 2019. We will keep you posted with more information here. In the meantime, we are proud to announce that we have won Best Film and Best Actress awards in July in the Top Shorts Film Festival, a well respected online festival (this means we are automatically submitted to their Annual Awards), and also Best Drama in August at the Hollywood Moving Pictures Awards in LA.

Our most recent Official Selections have been for the Norwich Film Festival, which is a qualifier for the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA), and also Sydney Indies Film Festival which takes place in late October.

Filmmakers about the movie

The film "Sylvia" is a beautifully shot film, and an emotional rollercoaster! Jolie Lennon is a powerful lead, and charged with energy. We will no doubt see much more of her in the future!

The production values they've managed to put on screen is on par with many of the large budget features I've worked on. A real triumph.

Ticks all the boxes of a great short film: a defined storyline, sharp direction, a showcase for acting talent, and pooling of great industry talent. Well done!

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Sylvia: The Short Film
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