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The Process

The script

Richard Prendergast wrote the screenplay for Sylvia after coming across a compelling true story that went viral online. The film follows the journey of a car, and the family that loved it so dearly, on an emotional and poignant last trip. Crafting a short film that speaks to people, has emotional depth, and stays true to actual life was a challenge, but one which has resulted in a powerful, yet moving, drama.
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Casting a lead actress that can hold the screen for the full duration of the film was always going to be a challenge. MFS Casting were approached to cast that person, and after a series of intense auditions, they had found someone in Jolie Lennon that could handle such a pivotal role. The supporting cast were equally strong, and in a film that requires such sensitivity and humanity, the filmmakers had their actors in place.
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The film was shot in 8k over the course of a couple of months. With a majority of the story set in a moving car, it meant some testing set-ups were required to get the cinematic feel right. A number of rigs were used on the vehicles, and some of the more complex shots required a low loader. SubMotion Productions, whom specialise in cinematic film production, have specific Cable Camera and tracking vehicle rigs and were able to carry out production to the highest standard – easily sitting amongst that of big budget feature films. The rest of the film was shot more conventionally, and on location in Norfolk and Suffolk. There were plenty of early mornings, and late nights, but it was worth the effort – the final film looks beautiful.

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Post Production

Fourth Step
Richard and Jack spent many weeks in the edit suite, perfecting the final edits and ensuring colouring and grading did justice to the cinematography. An important part of the film is the soundtrack; from the Dr Hook song, Sylvia’s Mother, to the original score. It is also at this stage that the soundtrack and the sound design are completed too. A trailer was also cut at this stage…all in time for the screening!
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Fifth Step
With the film complete, and the guest list finalised, Sylvia was screening at BAFTA on Thur 2nd August 2018. It was an amazing event with cast, crew and many industry professionals enjoying the night. Sylvia has also been submitted to numerous film festivals worldwide, and will be shown and promoted through 2018 and 2019. We will update its festival progress on the site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or press requests.
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